Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead Shoe

Reebok Women's Dance UR Lead Shoe 02[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead Shoe is another option for the serious dance-fitness workout that is designed to make anyone sweat. It is possible to enjoy the intense workouts and remain comfortable in these Zumba shoes that are designed to withstand the pressure. Find out why so many dance-fitness enthusiast are reaching for a pair of these dance shoes from Reebok.

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Design and Style

The Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead Shoe is patterned from aerobics shoes from Reebok and is made from breathable mesh fabric. This construction adds to the lightweight look and feel of these high top shoes. The upper also consist of overlays made from synthetic material and a 3D Fuse Framebine to give seamless and lightweight support to the feet. The styling and details are great for comfort and durability and for persons with wide feet, it will require a little extra search to find the best fit.

Reebok Women's Dance UR Lead Shoe 01

Cushioning is provided by the EVA sockliner as well as the 3D UltraLite interior and together these will prevent your feet from sweating and getting funky. Better control of turns and slides are allowed by the Turn Zone and Pivot Point crafted in the outer sole. Now your turns and slides will be perfectly executed just like those of professional dancers.

Dancing in these shoes will also be a snap with the ForeFoot Grip that provides traction and the horizontal and vertical flex grooves that assist your feet to move easily as you move to the Latin-America beats.

Reebok Women's Dance UR Lead Shoe 03


Satisfied customers are talking about how long lasting their shoes are even though they are light weight. No matter how vigorous your workout session would be ; your shoes are built to withstand the demands of high impact routines. The support provided inside provides adequate support to our feet that will ease tension on your arches and reduce aches and pains. The strong rubber sole does not allow for skidding and will also endure greater pressure placed on it by the fast paced Latin dances.

Reebok Women's Dance UR Lead Shoe 04


Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead Shoe provides greater comfort during the spinning and pivots that are typical of the energetic Salsa, Reggaeton and Merengue moves. Your Zumba¬†shoes are actually absorbent to impacts and shocks and can be used on any surface be it wood, concrete, or tile. These UR lead shoes are so breathable that your feet will remain cool and moisture free throughout your most vigorous workout sessions.

You will also be able to comfortably lift your legs up and do various dance steps that require you to exercise so much energy. The soft and thick inner padding provide maximum comfort that makes the most vigorous dance routines that much more bearable.

Reebok Women's Dance UR Lead Shoe 05

Price and Shipping

Shipping is free when you order online on Amazon and as long as you are resident of the USA as well as certain countries across the globe. The prices are also competitive and you may be able to find your dance shoes at the price that are quite reasonable from the world’s largest online retail mall.
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Overall Impression

The Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead Shoe is the right choice for that maximum absorbency and comfort while you engage in vigorous workouts. Expect shoes that are perfectly suited to the high impact and vigorous workout associated with the Latin flavoured exercise programs for fitness and vitality. Find your best Zumba Sneakers online now at a prices that you can afford.

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