Nike Air Troupe Women’s Dance sneakers

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Nike Air Troupe offers another alternative to ordinary walking or running shoes and sneakers whenever there is an occasion for high intensity exercise. Discerning women will consider this incredible option offered by Nike, which is a leading name in high performance shoes and sneakers. The most challenging and high energy fitness-dance workout demands a pair of good quality Zumba shoes that will naturally stand up to the rigorous workout pace.

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Design and Style

You will appreciate the extremely flexible suede leather construction of the Nike Air Troupe that provides support while at the same time providing comfort. The Nike Air Troupe is specially created for the high intensity of Hip Hop and other contemporary beats that will get you moving. The strap for ankle support helps with stability and it will be much easier to execute some of the more awesome dance moves during exercise.

It helps that the sole is quite flexible and offers flex grooves that are really designed for dance and allow for smooth dance movement in any direction. Effective dance movements are also facilitated by the rubber outer soles that are designed to slip and stick. Turning and pivoting are made easier to do with the centre pivot point.

These suede leather dance shoes are now available in grey that you can use with your gym wear. The Nike Air Troupe is also available in other colours, like Black, as well as leather or canvas material if you prefer.

Nike Air Troupe Mid Women’s Dance 02


The exhilarating and fast paced workout that is Zumba must have shoes that can withstand the wear and tear placed upon them. The shoes are designed to absorb the impact shocks and provide support to the feet from ankles down. Hard driving workouts will put serious pressure on the shoes, but with its padded heel design you will be able to minimize the effects of wear on your soles.


Nike is always on the cutting edge in sports footwear and the Nike Air Troupe is no exception.  Now your workout does not have to be painful and stressful as your shoes will provide the most comfortable balance of firm support and soft cushioning.  Customers are satisfied with how easy it is to execute the fast paced rhythms of Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton and Hip Hop without slipping and damaging their feet.

Even persons suffering from certain aches and discomfort claim relief from using these high top Zumba shoes. Greater comfort may also be achieved with arch support inserts but make sure that your shoes are correctly sized to allow for more support and comfort while you dance off those calories.


The price on this dance shoes has been marked down and there is still an opportunity for you to make your purchase online at a even lower price now (while stocks last). Click on the link below to find out more Zumba fitness accessories.
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Overall Impression

 The Nike Air Troupe provides a flexible and comfortable option for the ultimate in fitness workout accessory. The design offers ankle protection and its light weight allows for easy execution of some of the more extraordinary dance steps and moves.
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