Fitness LLC Women’s Z Kickz Originals Dance Sneaker

Zumba Fitness LLC Women's Z Kickz Originals Dance Sneaker 02[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Fitness LLC Z Kicks Dance Sneaker for women provides the most durable and flexible solution for a high intensity dance exercise program. Not only that it is built for comfort but also to meet the demands of the most vigorous dance workout routines without leaving your feet sweaty.
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Design and Style

The Z Kickz is extremely light and you can easily tell the difference between this Zumba shoes and regular running sneakers. You will also appreciate the mesh, stretchy material that allows your feet to breathe. If you are a person with small, narrow feet you will need to carefully select your size to fit you perfectly.

These dance sneakers are engineered to absorb the most aggressive dance moves and steps that you should expect from the high intensity sweat producing dance-fitness sessions. Your feet will not slide around in these well designed shoes as very little sweat will build up inside your sneakers. Each Zumba sneakers purchase also comes with a selection of extra laces in various colours that will certainly match your gym outfits.

Zumba Fitness LLC Women's Z Kickz Originals Dance Sneaker 01

These beautiful dance sneakers come either in black or white, colours that may suit your style and taste and matching perfectly with your exercise outfits.


Customers who have purchased these Zumba Shoes were happy with how effortlessly it is to execute the most thrilling of twists, turns, pivots and slides. The ability to do so in a best Zumba sneakers that you can trust is valuable in this fast paced and exhilarating program. A vital feature of these dance sneakers is the material that makes them up. The rubber sole is a strong, non skid material that is supplemented by Nylon ripstop shell for added durability.

Zumba Fitness LLC Women's Z Kickz Originals Dance Sneaker 03

Your feet are also protected by the EVA outer soles that help with absorbing the shocks of rigorous and constant movement. You will also find the outer sole with its pivot point and grips very ideal for those demanding dance routines. No doubt, these sneakers are built to last and their durability is one of the best features.


One of the most important things about the Z Kickz is that it is built for comfort. Dance classes with a highly Latin flavour are very intense and if you do not have the right shoes you run the risk of being injured. Here comes one of the most comfortable dance exercise shoes designed with cushioning to ease the pressure from your feet and joints. Even if you have conditions that affect the knees and joints, you can still find comfort in these Z Kickz dance sneakers. Turning, sliding and twisting are made easier with these comfortable dance sneakers.

Zumba Fitness LLC Women's Z Kickz Originals Dance Sneaker 04

Price and Shipping

On Amazon you will find the prices for these shoes to be reasonable and you can also find even lower prices when you use its Price Alert feature. If you are in the US or from select countries outside the US your purchase will be shipped to you free of cost.
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Overall Impression

The Z Kickz dance sneakers are very flexible and light and are designed as the durable and comfortable alternatives to the regular sneakers or running shoes. Purchase a pair of these good looking Zumba Shoes and start to enjoy the exhilaration of your next high energy dance workout.

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