Fitness Energy Push High Top for Men (Black)

Zumba Fitness Energy Push High Top for Men (Black) - 01[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Fitness Energy Push High Top provides the perfect solution for the man on the go who wants to put in his fair share of aerobics and other intensive workouts. Consider these supportive and flexible Zumba shoes as your ultimate partner on the workout floor. Take a look yourself and understand why men (and some women) are reaching for this durable and practical dance and exercise shoes.

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Design and Style

The Fitness Energy Push High Top is designed with feet support in mind. You can expect strong support from your high tops that will keep your ankles secure. The moulded mesh top is designed to keep your feet fresh and comfortable. No sweating and foul odours when you wear these puppies on the work out floor.

You will also love the EVA mid sole with its compressed design for great movement that does not weigh you down. You will literally feel as though you are floating on the clouds as these very light weight shoes allow you to execute those seemingly impossible Latin dance moves!

Zumba Fitness Energy Push High Top for Men (Black) - 02

Check out how easy it is for you to slide and glide on the floor with the Z-slide feature of your Fitness Energy Push High Top. Even the most intense of Salsa, Merengue, Raggaeton and other hot Latin beats will be no match for these high tops which will keep you cool and sharp as you work out.

Currently, the colour options are focused on the ever smooth black designs.

Zumba Fitness Energy Push High Top for Men (Black) - 04Durability

Although these high tops are light and flexible on the feet, they are also built to take the brunt of the high energy, quick tempo of the exhilarating beats contained in the typical Zumba session. Your feet will absolutely love the way these dance and workout shoes stand up to the high energy and intense routine without creating strain on them.

Every twist, slide, hop, and turn will be well supported by these comfortable and flexible high tops. The strong soles are made to provide the best in impact absorbency without wearing down too fast. Confidently execute those daring pivots and turns without losing your footing with the non skid soles.


Customers who have bought this Fitness Energy Push High Top praise the comfortable feel of these shoes. Even persons with foot issues, those bunions and aches, have found these padded shoes quite a comfort as they move easily across the Zumba Dance floor. No matter what surface it is, these shoes provide a little more cushioning against those pounding beats.

One cool feature of these high tops is the extra room for any additional padding you may want to insert for even greater comfort and foot support. To ensure greater comfort, carefully select shoes that provide a smug fit whether your feet are wide or narrow.


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Overall Impression

The Fitness Energy Push High Top is another great solution for the high energy workouts for the man who needs it. Designed with support and comfort in mind, these high tops are suitable for keeping feet fresh throughout the most unforgiving of Zumba workouts. Make sure to select a pair and experience the light and easy feel of shoes that are right for your feet.
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